ANMVI National Association of Italian Veterinarians

(Federation of Italian Professional Veterinary Associations)

Anmvi InternationalANMVI is a Federation of Italian Professional Veterinary Associations covering the whole range of scientific disciplines (animal health and food safety), and professional practice (public and private sectors).

The members of ANMVI consist in all of the association (18 organisations) that joined it as a Federation. ANMVI is the largest and most representative private veterinary organisation in Italy (15,000 members of the profession).

ANMVI is a non-profit organization, founded in 1999, promoting national and international projects to enhance knowledge and education of members of the profession, to provide services and assistance, to increase public regard for the veterinary profession and to promote a certification of good veterinary practice.

ANMVI is governed by an Executive Board of seven members from all professional sectors. Resolutions are to be adopted in the National Council that is the assembly of member associations. An Executive Regional Board is also established in each Italian Regions.

ANMVI is based in Cremona (IT), in Palazzo Trecchi (XIV Century) where a specialized and well equipped Study Centre for training and continuing education.

ANMVI is member of:
- Confprofessioni, the federation of intellectual professions. It directs the Sanitary Area of Confprofessioni.
- UEVP (Union of European Veterinary Practitioners)

On-going partnership

An agreement has been signed in 2005 with FIMMG (Federation of doctors in general medicine) to develop plans of communication to patients and public opinion about food safety.
An agreement has been signed in 2005 with WWF (World Wide Life Fund) to provide veterinary assistance to wild animals in WWF's centers. An agreement has also been signed in 2008 with Federazione Medici UILFLP-SIVA (a most representative labor union) to organize a network of private veterinary providing basic services (e.g. public health prevention) to wandering companion animals and to pet owners from low social classes.
Political institutions, Industry, breeders, protectionist associations and consumer organizations are constant partner of ANMVI public relations and activities.

Communication and information

ANMVI promote campaign to develop veterinary prevention, scientific information and lawful attitudes towards animal health and welfare. A press office, a wide range of journals, newspapers and online magazines update about ANMVI activities.

ANMVI international
In 2007 ANMVI started up a project of international cooperation with veterinary organizations, universities and institutions both in the UE States members and abroad, establishing contacts with more than 20 countries.


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